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Historic England (HE) is the public body that champions and protects England's historic places. It looks after the historic environment, providing expert advice, helping people protect and care for it and helping the public to understand and enjoy it. 


Phoenix Hall, Grade I Listed Building 

Phoenix Hall is a unique grade I listed building located within the Old Sunderland Riverside Conservation Area, the latter included in Historic England’s Heritage at Risk Register since 2010. Phoenix Hall is the oldest purpose-built masonic hall still in use by Freemason’s anywhere in the country. The building was constructed in 1783-1785 by John Bonner of Phoenix lodge to replace their previous hall and consisted of a rectangular lodge room (or temple), with a small room to either side under a sloping roof (known as the east and west pents). The building has been extended and altered throughout its history, principally in phases carried out in 1890 and 1923. However, the lodge room has been little changed and is a remarkable survival. The building is owned by the Queen Street Heritage Trust and continues to be used by the masons of Phoenix Lodge and a number of other masonic lodges. Phoenix Hall, Non Civil Parish - 1279903 |Historic England


Sunderland Heritage Action Zone 


The building is within the Sunderland Historic High Streets Heritage Action Zone (HAZ), a partnership initiative between Historic England, Sunderland City Council and local partners aimed at reviving Sunderland City Centre’s Historic High Streets and surrounding environs. Phoenix Hall is one of the most important buildings within the HAZ and identified as a key repair project in the initiative’s Delivery Plan.  Sunderland’s Historic High Streets Heritage Action Zone | Historic England

Historic England completed a Historic Building Investigation and Assessment of Significance for Phoenix Hall as part of HAZ activity which can be found here Research Department Reports