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Historic Renovations & Ongoing Works

The building of a new perimeter wall and car park 2021

Text to follow regarding the project, from reason for project, money needed, funding acquired, work to be done etc.....

Plus information on previous renovations, repairs etc..... including extensions to original building etc.....

6th April 2021 prior to the start of the car park renovation

21st April 2021 digging trenches for cables, lamp posts and cctv

23rd April 2021 ongoing work digging trenches

23rd April 2021 uncovering cobbles archaeologist on site recording finds

28th April 2021 car park excavation 

30th April 2021 laying of car park hard core

5th May 2021 ongoing site work

7th May 2021 ongoing site work

12th May 2021 relaying and leveling of cobbles

14th May 2021 relaying and leveling of cobbles plus fencing